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Since 2014, Vizion Studio has been based in Antibes on the French Riviera. With a precise knowledge of the real estate area, our company developed a range of innovative tools and services for the players in this sector. Since new technologies are now at the heart of all sale and communication strategies, we support you on this path.
Unique sensory experience and 3D visuals became essential tools in the real estate industry. That’s why we offer 3D illustration design services and 3D models. To enhance your real estate projects, also discover our 3D animated film creation, geo-tracking and 360° virtual tour services. Our 3D configurator is also a powerful and creative tool especially designed for real estate players.
Vizion Studio is made up of a team of graphic designers who are passionate about creation and real estate. They accompany you in all your projects, paying particular attention to your satisfaction. Do you need a tailor-made and customized support? We have a dedicated project manager at your disposal who will answer all your questions. Our famous know-how allows us to take charge of any kind of project. Whether you are a developer, architect or real estate agent, we have the solution you need. Let’s work together to create great communication operations and boost increase your sales.
Whether you need a 3D visual for a commercial or communication operation, or for a an architecture competition, Vizion Studio does everything possible to enhance your project. Thanks to powerful tools, great creativity and real reactivity, we are the ideal partner for your real estate projects.

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