3D Geolocation


These days, new technologies are being rolled out in the property market, and customers are increasingly looking for realism. That is why Vizion Studio offers innovative services and tools. In addition to 3D models and 360° virtual tours, you can offer your prospects and customers a total immersion into the heart of your project with geolocation.
Our geolocation service allows you to locate your future program within its real environment. With the help of a drone we take high definition images that will form a 360° panorama. This will allow the customer to zoom in and rotate the image in all directions. The benefit of this tool is to allow potential buyers for your property to understand the property’s situation in great detail. All points of interest around the program will be visible so that the customer can see if there are businesses, schools or hospitals nearby.
Geolocation can be used to integrate new programs into their future environment but also to help locate existing programs. Aerial photography by drone is increasingly used in the field of real estate. It improves accuracy and efficiency. This technology is as perfect for estate agents who want to promote the properties they are marketing, as it is for developers.
If you have an architectural project you will be won over by this tool that can integrate 3D buildings onto aerial shots of existing land. Feel free to contact us for more information.

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