3D Configurator


Vizion Studio offers you various services and tools to help you highlight your real estate projects. Whether you are looking at new developments programs, work in progress or projects for awards, check out our 3D configurator. This innovative tool allows you to configure all the various elements that make up your property. You can be as realistic as possible by modifying colours, textures, furniture or decoration features.
The 3D configurator is useful in-house during your real estate design or renovation schemes. It helps you to easily visualise different types of fit outs. It is also an ideal tool to consider areas for improvement to work out the most appropriate solutions for your current project. With just a few clicks you can create a unique and fully customisable project.
Do you want to present a property still under construction to your customers? Give them the opportunity to customise their interior. Thanks to the 3D configurator, they will be able to choose their floor, the layout of their kitchen, the paintwork or even their furniture. This will make it much easier for them to imagine themselves living in the project.
The 3D configurator offers you many possibilities with materials, floor and wall coverings, colours, decoration features and furniture. Vizion Studio offers you the opportunity to trial this powerful tool whatever your project. From T1 to loft to single-family home, it will allow you to configure all the units in your real estate program. Ask for your quote and get the most from the know-how of a team of graphic designers specialising in the real estate field.

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